Department of Spanish Studies

Ideal Students for this Department include:

  1. Those who are interested in Spain and Latin America and their different cultures.
  2. Those who approach problems aggressively, work hard, and have an indomitable spirit.
  3. Those who have intellectual curiosity and positive behavioral abilities.
Spanish is spoken not only in Spain but also in many areas centering around Spanish cultural regions, including Latin America. Spanish is a highly internationalized language which is used by more than 300 million people in 20 countries as an official language.

Students will be exposed to the Spanish language by a full-time native teacher. They will also be encouraged to express their own opinions, and in doing so, will work toward the mastery of the Spanish language.

Students will enjoy their daily lives while pursuing their hopes and dreams at this university.  After graduating, some students will enter a company by taking advantage of their language abilities, while others may decide on an academic career.  The department will not only help students master the Spanish language, but also prepare them for being an active member of international society.



This department aims to help students acquire good Spanish- language skills which can be used in the real world, in addition to deep knowledge about the culture which is the background of the language.

Students take six classes every week during their first through third years, and four classes in their fourth year.  The length of each class is 1.5 hours.  Classes, taught by native speakers, focus on grammar, reading, writing, and speaking.

Additionally, students can deepen their knowledge of Spanish in the following classes: Introduction to Spanish Linguistics, Studies in Spanish Linguistics (student presentations required), and Topics in Spanish Linguistics.  Classes in Culture are also offered: History of Spanish and Latin American Literature, Studies and Topics in Spanish Linguistics and Culture, and History of Latin American Culture, Latin American Society, and Area Study of Latin America.

Moreover, every year, approximately ten students in their third year of study take part in an exchange program with our partner university in Spain.